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Dr. Bhargava is a certified teacher of Yoga. He has completed certificate course from Indore University (India). He routinely advises Yoga  to his patients.

Patanjali: "Yogah chitta vrittinirodhah" (restrain the thought process and makes the mind serene)

Yoga Sutras- by Patanjali

One of the earliest Yoga texts

Meaning:  Literally means union


28   Meditative

56   Asana for spine, extremities and abdomen


Types of Yoga

Hatha Yoga: The physical movements and postures, plus breathing techniques.  

Raja Yoga: Discovery of self or meditation

Jnana Yoga: Knowledge and intellect.

Bhakti Yoga: Love and devotion towards God.

Karma Yoga: Right and skillful actions

Mantra Yoga: Sound and vibration such as Chanting

Tantra Yoga: A way of showing the unseen consciousness in form through specific words, diagrams & movements.

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